For Sale 2 Pedigree Persian

Pedigree Persian Exotics Babies
Available:2 Male
Breed: Persian
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:09/12/2017
Posted:30th Oct at 13:00
Last Updated:12th Nov at 11:12
Advertiser Details
Offered by: Kittylicious
Location: Keighley, West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Hello, Iím Bear I have a brother his name is Charlie, we are both Exotic but my brother calls himself a Chinchilla because he has long hair. Anyway, we both like to play with dad and take turns at chase the little things on the end of a stick to the amusement of dad. My brother is very naughty he will drive you up the wall with his tricks, Iím the sensible one thing I can guarantee is we will both give our new mummyís and daddyís lots of hugs especially at bedtime.
We will be ready for new homes on the 9th of December when we will be 13 weeks. My current mummy will pack some lovely things for us to take to our new homes.
A goody bag with some wet food, bag of dry food plus a fab dish for them to go in, litter tray and scoop, oh and a bag of our favourite litter, a carrier so you can get us to our new homes safe and sound, donít worry we will also have our favourite blanket and a favourite toy to snug up to while travelling.
My dad will give you a receipt, four weeks free insurance, my chip registration, my GCCF registration, my vet inoculation card and a big bag to put all this in. Oh and we will have been flea and wormed also.
But be warned my mummy will only let us go to new forever homes if she likes you and you promise to look after us and send her pictures of us as we grow up.
Now you know about us do you think you could be future mummy or daddy for me or my brother? Then pick up the phone and be interrogated by our current mummy to see if you are the right kind of human to look after any of us. (Just kidding she is a pussycat really).

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