For Sale 4 Pedigree Persian

Gorgeous GCCF Registered Persian Babies
Brown Tabby & White / Blue & White / Black & White
Available:1 Male and 3 Female
Breed: Persian
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:June
Posted:1st Apr at 11:19
Last Updated:22nd Apr at 9:42
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Offered by: Panthera's Persians & Exotics
Location: South East London, Greater London
United Kingdom
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Gorgeous GCCF Registered Pedigree Persian Babies

If your looking for a superb quality example of a Persian Baby, then look no further because these babies are absolutely gorgeous with adorable temperaments to match.
All of these babies are absolutely exquisite.

- Brown Tabby & White Baby Boy
- Brown Tabby & White Baby Girl
- Blue & White Baby Girl
- Black & White Baby Girl

I am a GCCF Registered Breeder therefore all babies will be will be registered with the GCCF. (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy), I have tried to include everything a new potential parent / owner should and would want to know about they're new baby.

Both parents are PKD negative, and bred from PKD Negative Lines, as a registered breeder this is a necessity in order for the babies parents to be registered as active breeding cats and babies to be registered with the GCCF, copies available for new parents.

These Babies are from Prestigious Champion Blood Lines.
The pedigree is Very Impressive with a Worldwide Champion, Imperial Champions, Grand Champions & Champions.
You can see both Sire & Dam (Father & Mother) of these beautiful babies as they are both my big babies.

They are placid yet a mischievous little ball's of fluff. They are growing into confident, happy and healthy little fur babies with big appetites. They have been raised indoors with all the love, care and attention he could possibly need and roam free around the house as all my big babies do.
These gorgeous babies have been pampered in a loving family home and have lovely temperaments, so will make a fabulous addition to any family.
They all loved to be picked up kissed and cuddled, and fall asleep in my arms like all babies do and are now fully potty trained.
They are real little sweetheart's to have around, and come running when they see us, they are not fazed by anything and are so friendly, a real joy to have around.
These babies are used to daily eye cleaning, grooming, bathing and being blow dried with a hair dryer.

They really enjoy they're food and have been weaned on Applaws Kitten Sardine and Applaws Kitten Tuna, it's 98% meat the other 2% is made up with stock. They also eat Royal Canin Kitten dry throughout the day on top of the Applaws.
I do not feed them treats as such, I cook corn fed chicken from the local free range & organic butchers and steamed mackerel from the local fishmongers, twice a week to have in addition to they're food, it's a good quality treat.
(I do not feed my babies the likes of Felix kitten or whiskers kitten!!!!)
These babies are only fed the best food.

These adorable little bundle's of fluff will have had they're full Primary Vaccination course of 2 injections.
Along with a separate vaccination to immunise him against Feline Leukaemia, all babies leave me fully protected against all he serious infectious diseases, never with just the basic immunisations.
They will have two full health checks at least before leaving for new homes, Flea prevention treatment, Worming treatment and I also always Microchip my babies before leaving to give me peace of mind as well as being convenient to new parents.

If leaving as Show Breed then they will also leave to new parent/s with a certificate of entirety so new parent's do not occur the additional cost of this as well as a consultation fee.
If leaving as a family pet they can also have early spaying / neutering at a additional cost to new parents, when enquiring please ask about early spaying & neutering charges and also note that the baby will have to stay for a extra couple of weeks after for follow up veterinary check.

A non refundable deposit of 259 can now be taken, and they will not be reserved without one which is taken in good faith so no time wasters please as this will forfeit your deposit.

My Prices are set to reflect the time and work these babies have put into them, 24 hour, round the clock care for the first 6 weeks after arrival, not to mention the expense involved in rearing a litter for over 3 months with no expense spared.

You can phone me to arrange a visit see your potential new baby after they have had they're 1st set of injections however please do not get offended when I ask that you are not to have been around any other animals in the few days before, that you will take be asked to take your shoes off on arrival and to wash hands with antibacterial soap you will also be expected to answer some question's beforehand via phone or email and then on the day about yourself & family.

As the potential new parents / owners, you will also have to provide Photo ID and proof of address, this is a rule set by the GCCF.

They will also leave with a contract of ownership ensuring the health and welfare of the baby is well protected and that you are fully aware what is expected of you as a new parent.
This will be signed by both new parent and myself and is legally binding.

These babies will only be going to 5* INDOOR family homes / show neuter or show breed home's (depending).
So when emailing or please do tell me about yourself and what you are looking for so I know what sort of home you have to offer these stunning babies.
Prices start will vary so please call depending on what you are looking for :-

As I alway's state I have children and still have people calling so late,
please call between 3:30pm & 8:00pm.
I do not appreciate people calling after and will not get back to you as it means you haven't read this full ad properly and anyone who really wants a fur baby would really read the full advert about these little beauties.
You can contact me through phone at the above times or email anytime and tell me a bit about yourself and your home life. If you have had any experience with Persians before if you have any other pets and what sort of life you can offer one of these special little baby boy's.
Please make sure this information is sent to me.

All babies will leave with the following:-

- Contract, signed by both myself & yourself.
- A 5 generation Pedigree certificate.
- A Vet Health Certificate.
- He's Vaccination Booklet.
- A tailor-made "Kitten Care Guide".
- GCCF registration transfer document.
- He's Microchip registration number, along with the transfer document.

They will leave with the comforts they are use too such as:-
A blanket.
Food and water bowls, along with Applaws Kitten Sardine & Applaws Kitten Tuna wet food as well as a bag of Royal Canin Kitten dry food.
A litter tray with a bag of litter that they are use to using.

I've found that baby having the comforts they are use to helps them settle a lot easier and quicker into they're new homes, it also makes me feel a whole lot better about them leaving and being comfortable.


Please know that as a new potential parent it is very important that you are aware that there are many people advertising fur babies as pedigree kitten's. These ad's may state that the person is a breeder as well however if it doesn't say registered kittens & registered breeder then beware. Anyone can make a pedigree, however there is no way of you knowing that it's really a pedigree kitten if the kitten is not registered and has not got a registration card!

Kittens that have been born to two pedigree cats does not make the kitten a registered pedigree kitten.
If the Dam & Sire (mother & father) are not registered on the Active Register with either the
GCCF / CFA or TICA then they are not cats that are meant to have been bred from for various health and standard's reasons.
These unregistered breeders do not carry out required health checks or DNA tests, they tend not to have kittens fully vaccinated and will not keep them for the 13 weeks, they opt to keep them just 9 which is not at all good for the baby, they do this just to seek a financial gain.
It's cruel and neglectful breeding practices undertaken by unregistered and unregulated breeders that cause unnecessary pain and heartbreak to many unknowing families.

As registered breeder's, we consider the health and welfare of our cats to be of the highest priority,
and are extremely concerned about the deliberate breeding of unregistered kittens & cats with pedigree parents or breed crosses by unregistered, unregulated breeders unwilling to obtain active-registered cats.
Registered breeders are dedicated, caring and responsible and we aim for the highest standards and best practice in feline welfare and of course for the love of these beautiful big babies show us in return.
Registered breeders are lucky if we even break even, as so much is put into our cats and kittens no expense spared all year round. Breeding these precious babies is a labour of love and a expensive hobby, not a business.

So please remember if the fur baby you are looking as a new member of your family has not been born in the care of a Registered Breeder, please beware of the future heartbreak, veterinary costs and round the clock care you may have to provide.

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