For Sale 6 Pedigree Siamese

Adorable Old Style GCCF pedigree Siamese kittens
Seal and chocolate points
Available:6 Male
Breed: Siamese
Age: Under 9 Months
Date Available:Summer 2017
Posted:6th Jun at 17:13
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Offered by: Furry Friends
Location: Reigate, Surrey
United Kingdom
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Additional Information

Increasingly rare "FULL" registration Old Style Siamese kittens looking for loving pet homes soon. Also, one rare FULL registration seal point Balinese boy. GCCF registered pedigrees, fully vaccinated including leukaemia, vet checked at least twice, regularly dewormed and deflead (preventative), one week moneyback guarantee for any reason, goody bag. Kittens leave home at 13-14 weeks as per GCCF rules and regulations, no earlier. Kittens brought up in the family home, not an outside cattery, so well socialised. Parents here. Pix and videos available if you live far away. All enquiries welcome but please say something about your situation when you respond as I care where my kittens may go. Thanks for your interest.

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