Stud Name: Paddington

Breed: British Shorthair
Colour: Blue
Posted:10th Apr 18
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Location: Sittingbourne, Kent
United Kingdom
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Sire:Samuel Remides CZ
Dam:Clever Paws Ilewiets
Stud Registered With:GCCF
Date Registered Entire:01.08.2017
Blood Group:B
Stud Fees£300

Additional Information

I have an amazing British Shorthair blue boy with deep amber eyes for stud services. He was imported from Czech Republic. Hes a huge chunky boy with a short cobby body, extremely thick round tipped tail, short legs and an amazingly dense crisp coat. Hes a gorgeous soppy boy who is gentle with the ladies but is also eager to get the job done! He has won over even the most difficult of queens! My boy does not live outside so your queen will be kept inside along with him. She can stay for 3 days depending on how well matings go. You will be regularly updated throughout her stay with us. Queens require snap testing(i can be of assistance with arranging) for fiv/felv and upto date with flea/worm treatment and vaccinations. The vaccination booked will be checked. My boy is on the GCCF active register and has a certificate of entirety. Your queen MUST be on the active register. She will be fully inspected upon arrival. Please trim your girls nails. He is blood group B. PKD normal. One free re mate if she doesnt fall pregnant the first time. Any questions please ask. Maiden queens welcome.
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